Friday Favorites in Five

When was the last time I wrote a Friday Favorites? 
Forever ago.
I’m pretty happy that it’s Friday. Work is busy (which means weeks are super fast) and I’m ready for a couple days to catch up on my own thoughts. I also need to take care of business…like getting my oil changed…which is super fun and exciting stuff. not.

1. It’s been almost summer temperatures around here. Lovely, but seriously, let’s have a little spring why don’t we? Source.

2. Cookouts. We’ve already had a couple, and we’re having another one this weekend. I’m making this corn salad dish. It’s totally delicious. Trust me, the Fritos chili cheese chips make it.
3. Spring always makes me want to add color…everywhere. These tinted mason jars look like a fun craft project for a weekend! 
4. This doesn’t look anything like my porch, or my rocking chairs, but I really kind of wish it did so I could say “and here’s my front porch!” *sigh* Anyway, I decided last weekend to re-paint our rocking chairs. They’re not done (of course). So that’s this weekend’s project.

5. Speaking of porches. This house. So cute! I never thought I’d like the cottage style, but I could live here. With lots and lots of gardens and flowers and comfy wicker furniture on the porch. Near a beach. Yes.

Hope you’ve had a good week, and an even better weekend (because let’s face it, weekends are usually the best).

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