Simple Every-Day Highlight + Contour

Let’s be real. There are a TON of tutorials out there for detailed highlighting and contouring. Video tutorials that literally take 20 minutes or more to complete the process.
When I first started playing with contouring, I quickly saw that it can add so much definition to the face, and can even help my face look a little thinner or more “chiseled” if I really put some effort into the process. On a daily basis though…I just don’t have time for that.
Don’t fret (if you were starting to). There is a way to contour that adds just a minute extra to the whole process. I do this most days.


After some practice I have found that it doesn’t take much extra time, and you can see subtle differences looking at the before and after pictures! Is it crazy dramatic or will people stop me on the street and say “Wow! That’s some killer contouring and highlighting you have goin’ on there!” No. But do you really want that? I don’t.

A trick to mapping your face for contour and highlight is to take a picture looking directly at the camera (like I did) and study to see where you need more definition or where you want to accentuate. Then play with products to find what looks most natural.

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