Friday Favorites in Five

Oh I love Friday. Best day!

This week I got the latest Pottery Barn magazine. Good grief.
Also this week, flowers started blooming at my house. YES. Only issue is that some of them didn’t make it through the winter. Guess someone gets to go flowers shopping. Dang!
1. I LOVE  turquoise. I want all of these little trinkets
2. They did it again with these wonderful patterned pillows! I already have some of these colors going on in my house, but this gives me an idea on how to brighten it up even more. Yay!

3. Promise that I didn’t intend this to be a catalogue for Pottery Barn, but so many good things this season! I love this outdoor dining setting.

4. Vintage posters are a good way to add color to a room. Also, how beautiful are these walls and the dark wood floor together? It screams lake house!

5. Okay, so this is probably not an outfit I would be able to pull off, but LOVE the combo!

Hope these colors have brightened your day! Have a good weekend. 

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