Design Files: Exterior

I’m having major urges to do something drastic to the outside of my house. I’ve been doing a ton of dreaming lately. 🙂 Houzz is kind of the best and worst thing to ever happen to someone like me.
You do it too. Don’t lie.
We painted our shutters a few years ago, and one side of the house (that gets the majority of the sun) now has faded and looks bad. I ordered a single pair of new shutters to test a color that I thought would be the perfect mix of brown and grey. So not. Love the color, just not with our house. Then I thought “what if we try to paint our brick and get new siding, or try to ‘weather’ our brick somehow. That would be awesome!” Stop it.
Now I’m debating whether or not to re-paint them, have them fade again, or try to order another color.
^^^ And that is what started the dreaming about exteriors. ^^^


I really want to grow something amazing on our house like this picture. I tried to grow jasmine on our pergola a couple years ago. The winter got too cold and it died. I haven’t replaced it with anything yet…

These colors have been top of my list lately. I love the deep grey! I think part of the reason I like it so much is because you could put any color with it and it would pop.

Even though I think light colors would be super hard to maintain, I love how crips they look.

I’ve always had a thing for arched windows and doors.

This house is just okay. HA. Kidding. It’s amazing. Every detail is impeccable. The view!

So tell me. What styles do you like best? I’d take any of these!

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