Weekend Trip Recap

Last weekend my husband and I went to the Biltmore for an overnight stay (let me clarify: we didn’t stay at the Biltmore…we stayed close by) with one of their hotel package deals. It was awesome!
I’ve always wanted to go in the spring to see the tulips and all oft he flowers blooming. Dream garden. Seriously.
The grounds were really pretty with a huge variety of trees, flowers and shrubs. I can’t even imagine having to maintain all of that. And the house, good grief the house. I wonder how many housekeepers were on staff because it would take me at least 2 months to clean. Without taking any breaks.
The craziest thing to me is seeing their way of life, seeing the “modern technology” of that time, and seeing how far everything has come since then. When you really think about it, there have been so many advances in what is actually a pretty short span of time.
It was a great trip. I highly recommend going if you’ve never been. Gorgeous views, good places to grab a bite to eat, a winery to tour and sample Biltmore wines, tons of activities, and downtown Asheville is a short drive with several cool places to go eat. We’ve talked about going back during Christmas and taking one of the behind-the-scenes house tours!

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