I don’t speak Spanish, and pretty much the only thing I know is “hola” – so that’s about as festive as I can get this Cinco de Mayo. 🙂
This weekend was action packed. By action packed I mean that we did a lot of work. The weather was WONDERFUL, and we did some tree planting, shutter painting (which is still a work in progress), gardening, flower planting…all day Saturday. Sunday we spent the day on the boat riding around site seeing, and I think I saw more pontoon boats than I’ve ever seen in one location. Full moon?
Sunday night after we got home and cleaned up, I sat on the couch to ‘rest’ thinking that I wanted to soak up as much of the weekend as I could before Monday came. Next thing I knew my husband was waking me up telling me that I just needed to go to bed. Boo. Party pooper.
And then, it was Monday. Why does Monday come so fast??? 
When my alarm went off I literally told myself it was a cruel joke and it was still the weekend.

Also, can we discuss the whole “may the ‘fourth’ be with you” thing that was going around yesterday? It took me a while to get it, obviously I’m not into that scene. Once I did it was very evident that yes, it is a full moon. 

How was your weekend? More importantly, what are you eating for Cinco de Mayo? I’m on a diet, so please share how many gallons of cheese dip you plan to consume.
Here’s what I’ll imagine I’m eating as I take a big healthy bite of salad…
Guacamole that I could eat it with a spoon
Beef Queso Dip because you should
Classic Margaritas to top it off

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