Distressed Painting: Spray Paint Edition

A few Fridays ago I shared one of my favorite how-to’s using vaseline to distress furniture. I finally did it on my rocking chairs, and y’all, it actually worked!!!
I was a little skeptical of the process, and I packed on a ton of vaseline thinking it wasn’t going to work very well. HA! Let me tell ya – that paint did not stick to any of the areas coated with vaseline. Even the areas where I only spread a thin layer! Be sure to visit Love Grows Wild for more info!

1. I started with the rocking chairs painted a dark grey. Originally, I was going to leave them this color, which is why the entire chairs were painted…but in hindsight I would only paint the areas intended to show through (or leave them natural wood).

2. Using my finger, I spread vaseline on the edges of the chair where I wanted the grey to show through. BE CAREFUL! The paint will not stick anywhere that the vaseline is applied.

3. Paint over the entire chair with the new color. Let the paint dry.

4. Take a cloth and wipe over the areas where vaseline was previously applied. It wipes right off!!!

5. Because it was a little more of a contrast than I was looking for, I took the cream color and did a quick spray/dry brush over the exposed areas to make it look even more distressed.

The distressed look has always been a challenge for me because it never turns out quite right, but this method is fool proof! Happy painting!
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