Weekend Recap: July 4th

If you saw this post from July 4th, you know that we spent the holiday weekend at my happy place. I’ve already started my coming home routing: searching for places to live at the beach. I do it every time. Why do I do this? Here are a few reasons…

This kind of speaks for itself, right? Nothing relaxes me more than the ocean. I can have all kinds of stress going on and be thinking about a million things, but when I go to the ocean it soothes me.

Oh, the food. We joked before we left that this trip wasn’t really for the beach, it was more for the food. I promise you – the food at the beach tastes better. We always have at least one meal that we’re craving. This trip we went to a new (to us) spot, and I had some of the best mac & cheese EVER. I also had to go get my pimento cheese…on a burger…ahhhhmazing.

If I can make money for people watching, sign me up. There is so much activity, and it’s not the “People of Wal-Mart” kind of activity, but just good old fashioned people watching. I always like to try and guess where they’re from or what their story is.

Boats, boats, and more boats. We live surrounded my mountains, which are beautiful…especially in the fall. We have lakes, and boats, but there’s something about being on a boat in the ocean. There are dolphins, for one. I couldn’t ever get a picture of one, but we saw a momma and a couple baby dolphins swimming and feeding in the ocean. You don’t see that every day!

I think that in general people seem more relaxed at the beach. Like I said, it’s a happy place. And when you’re stuck in this traffic heading back home it sure makes that ocean seem pretty welcoming!

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