DIY Phone Case

Nerd alert.

Every time I get an upgraded mobile device my husband says “well, I’ll see ya tomorrow – have fun setting up your phone.” Which isn’t at all true – not even a little bit. Well, maybe it is a little true.

Once I get all the bells and whistles set, I start searching for a case…because that’s obviously the most important part. I never buy a case when I get the phone – unless one just calls my name (like all the colors from Pencil Shavings Studio!). Let’s be real though. I get tired of the same pattern after a month or two. Or a few days. So I decided to make my own.
What you’ll need:
Clear phone case (Amazon is a good place to search)
Fun patterned paper
The process is pretty simple:
1. Trace your phone’s outline on the paper. Cut just inside the line.
2. Insert the cut-out into the case, and trace any “openings” – cut those out.
4. Place the paper into the clear case – trim or clean up any edges.

5. Put the case on your phone and change as often as you want!



I’ve found patterned paper in the scrapbook/craft section of most stores. The papers that have foils or shiny prints work really well.
Obviously this doesn’t only work for an iPhone. As long as you can purchase a clear case for your phone you can do this! You could get really into it and paint something, use a picture, bedazzle something (do they still make a bedazzler???).

You get the drift. Do whatever you want with it. Let your imagination run.

Happy crafting!

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