The Garden: Update

Let’s chat about le jardin (doesn’t that sound fancy?).
Not that I’m a gardening expert, by any means, but my crop hasn’t done so well this season. I blame it 100% on the weather.
It was dry, and hot, then rained for about 2 weeks non-stop, then got super humid, and now it’s in this strange phase of pouring rain with strong winds for about 15 or 20 minutes. It’s glorious. Sarcasm in its truest form.
Everything was starting to look all nice and delicious, then the crazy weather patterns kicked in. These pictures were taking a few weeks ago.
I’ve had good luck with the cucumber plant – even attempted a few batches of pickles, and finally think I found just the right recipe.
We’ve consumed lots of zucchini, or at least I’ve consumed a lot! I haven’t made anything out of this world…most of the time I steam it or just eat it raw with some hummus (yum) or diced on salad.
The tomatoes are FINALLY coming in and turning a fantastic red. I have a window full! They’re starting to shape up nicely for a big batch of salsa and marinara.
Everything else has just been so/so. It all looked great in the beginning, then it just…phfah. Don’t know what that spells, but say it out loud. That’s what my veggies are saying to me.
I’m already planning ahead for next year. I’m going to focus my attention on a Salsa Garden. Lots of cilantro (I’ve gone through 2 plants this year and both started to look more like weeds than an herb), tomatoes, peppers, maybe onion.
…maybe lettuce? Thoughts?

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