DIY: Painted Nightstand

This is related to the Master Bedroom Renovation project, but today I have a simple DIY that made such a difference in the room. See the before and after?!?


All of our bedroom furniture came as a set, and though we would like to eventually change the dressers, we like our nightstands pretty well. With the hardwood installed, the room needed a little more color so I decided to paint the nightstands and add new hardware. I am SO happy with the transformation!

The best part is that it took a day to complete…well, sort of. The painting took a day, I had to order the pulls so waiting on those took a few days. Had I planned ahead (key) the project would have been completed in a day.

I used liquid sander on a rag and wiped down the nightstands. It didn’t “rough up” the surface as much as sanding, but dulled them a little and left a clean slate for painting (and no clean up!). For the paint, I used a basic prime+paint in satin applied with a brush.

As you can see, there were some faux details on the top of the nightstand – I wasn’t sure how they would cover since it’s a darker color and the grain goes in a different direction.

After the first coat of paint I started to think this might not work…there were several brush strokes visible and it was very spotty. This is when I started doubting my decision.

After a good 2-3 hours of dry time I went back over the nightstands with a second coat – it covered everything, and dried so much better than expected. There are a couple small places that I can see the brush strokes in the finish, but only in an area where the paint started drying and was already tacky. I wasn’t worried because it was in a location that would not be visible; however, I could have lightly sanded the area and gone over with a third coat to smooth.

I had a little trouble finding hardware with the correct hole placement (the original pulls were 2″ center to center, which is an odd size), but finally found some online here and they are the perfect style. I’m really pleased with the final results!

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