5 Must Have Products for Summer 2017


Summer can be rough on my skin and hair! I’m constantly trying new things to find products that help battle oil and frizz. Here are a few of my favorites this year.

1. Raw Sugar – Coconut Mango body wash | Even if this product didn’t live up to the claims (to brighten complexion and moisturize skin); I’d keep using it because it smells so good. It is made from natural coconut and a plant-based blend of vitamins and enzymes, so there’s also that added bonus.

2. Tea Tree Lemon Sage Thickening Shampoo/Conditioner/Spray | My hairstylist used this shampoo/conditioner combo a couple weeks ago and I immediately purchased them. I was skeptical of the lemon and sage, but it’s a beautiful thing. Does it thicken my hair? Maybe…but I can’t say that I’ve ever used a shampoo that performs wonders. I find that it is a good balance of body and moisture for my hair. Regardless, the scent is perfectly refreshing for summer!

3. Geranium essential oil | Over the last couple of years I have been using different essential oils for various things, and really feel like they work. Geranium is supposed to help balance oily or dry complexions, can improve the appearance of wrinkles, and is good for overall skin health (more here). I’ve been mixing the tiniest amount with my facial serum daily, and am starting to see a difference. If nothing else, I definitely think it helps with oily skin.

4. Vitamin E Eye Cube | I don’t know if they even make this anymore because I can only find it on Amazon (here’s another option from Boscia). It’s like chapstick for your eyes, and great for on-the-go! It’s a good dose of moisture, easy to apply, and adds a little perk to dark under-eye circles.

5. Native Deodorant | Finding a “natural” deodorant that actually works is almost impossible for me thanks to my gift of sweat. I was using LaVanila, and it was okay, but I recently switched to Native and have to say that I’ve been impressed. I got a 3-pack thinking it was small trial sizes (nope); it’s been a good way to test the standard scents:

-Coconut & Vanilla (if you’re into coconut you’ll like this one)

-Lavender & Rose (my favorite – light floral scent)


I don’t claim to be an expert on the “natural” skincare subject, but I feel like this deodorant is better than the aluminum-packed alternatives.

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