goals – July 2017


Raise your hand if you’ve ever found yourself scrolling through Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook, etc. and think to yourself “they have it so together!” Yep, me too.

In today’s world of social media, it’s hard to not compare yourself to everyone else or think that you should be doing a better job at life. Don’t misunderstand, I love an aesthetically pleasing picture of a home interior with fluffed pillows and fantastic natural light, or a killer outfit snapshot taken in an amazing destination. It’s because of social media, and the ability to work remotely, that allows people a professional career as a Blogger or YouTuber (or any other category of internet professions), and that’s amazing.

I only blog sporadically and even that can be a challenge! It takes time, dedication, several hours taking pictures, editing, writing, more editing, and for some it involves cultivating partnerships with other companies. For those that have chosen to pursue a career, this is what puts food on the table.

Granted, for that to happen with this blog there would have to be a lot more time invested. Time I struggle to find. I’m okay with that. I’m okay with this being a side gig. That doesn’t mean I don’t still have goals though.

I started thinking about what I want to really put into this blog, and what I hope to get out of it. Here are some of my goals for this month:

  1. Don’t get discouraged. Rather than feel defeated by the beautiful pictures in internet land, let it be an encouragement to better your own work. Take inspiration from them.
  2. Find a happy medium with schedule. Can’t post every day? Every week? That’s okay! Find what works and stick to it.
  3. Be honest. I’ve always posted content I enjoyed writing, but when I would tell people what my blog was about I often got “oh, so you don’t really have a niche?” And that’s blogging 101 – find a niche! But you know what? I like what I like, and it may vary sometimes, but I want to keep it that way because that’s me being honest and true to my interests.
  4. Be kind to yourself [see #1], and enjoy the process of blogging.
  5. Celebrate the small victories. Be conscious of the big picture, but take a minute to enjoy the small steps.

If you’ve found a balance, I’d love to hear what works for you!

Planner pictured is Blue Sky Day Designer “Gold Spotty Dot” 6×9, Weekly/Monthly

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