Essential Oils: Do They Really Work?


I mentioned in this post that I’ve been using Essential Oils for some time now (since mid-2015). I did a lot of reading beforehand, and was amazed at the rave reviews so many of these oils had! Even so, I was still pretty skeptical it would ever live up to the hype, but now I feel like I can say with confidence that they work.

Whether you’ve been using Essential Oils for a while, just starting out, or still contemplating, here are my personal experiences. Get ready…it’s a lot of reading!

Research. Knowing that I wanted to give EO’s a try, I wasn’t sure where to purchase them. Several companies use independent consultants, but I was looking for something I could buy without going through a third party. Ultimately I chose to purchase from Rocky Mountain Oils (thanks to a 7-part series over at Whole New Mom – I highly recommend reading parts 1-7 before making your decision).

RMO does a great job outlining each of their oils and oil blends. They also provide handy learning guides, and give usage information with “recipes” depending on how you want to use the oil. They have fast shipping, and a 90-day guarantee!

Anxiety. When I first started looking into what EO’s could do, I was trying to find something that would help curb my anxiety levels. What most people can brush off, I hold on to. I analyze it 50 times over. I was letting work get to me, and was having trouble turning my brain off at night.

Over the last couple of years I tried different blends, but my favorites are At Peace and Balance. I can’t say that one works better than the other, so for me the preference comes down to the scent. At Peace is more of a citrus scent, whereas Balance is what I would describe as a warm/flowery scent (if that makes sense). Maybe it’s all mental (and if so I don’t care…if it helps), but I feel a difference when I use either of these oils consistently! I notice that I don’t get as worked up, can think through situations easier, and can rationalize better.

Skin Blemishes. We’re about to get personal… My dermatologist removed a couple skin tags at one point, then a couple more appeared. Rather than pay to have them removed again I decided to give EO’s a try. I searched online for a natural remedy and several websites claimed Oregano would do the trick. SUCCESS! This is a hot oil so you should dilute it per the guide on RMO’s website. I applied the EO blend with a q-tip twice a day. It took about 4 weeks before they disappeared, and they haven’t returned.

Anti-aging. There are several EO’s that claim to help with anti-aging, but I have used Geranium for about 7 months; in addition to overall skin health benefits it claims to balance oily skin complexions. I add a drop to my moisturizer or serum every AM/PM, and even on the hottest day I feel like my oily t-zone is more controlled than when I don’t use the EO in my skincare regimen. With continued use I also feel like my skin tone and texture has improved – blackheads are even less noticeable.

Bug Spray. I just don’t like how bug spray feels, or smells, and I don’t really know (or understand) what’s in it. After success with the aforementioned EO’s, I recently got the Lemongrass and Bug Off oil to test this summer. I mixed Lemongrass with water, Geranium and Lavender to make a bug spray mix, and made a second spray with Bug off and Lemongrass. While I don’t see a huge improvement with “no see-ums” (does anything work other than Avon Skin So Soft?????), I do think it helps repel mosquitos and other insects.

Immunity. Any time I start to feel a cold coming on, I grab the Immune Strength EO. If used as soon as any symptoms occur (sore throat, stuffy nose, etc.) it has sometimes prevented it from turning into anything more; however, I definitely feel like it helps shorten the length of a sickness (mainly with cold or cough). This is another hot oil, so it needs to be diluted.

Dilution. For oils that aren’t already mixed with a carrier oil, I use a fractionated coconut oil. To diffuse oils I use a diffuser like this one.

All that said, I’m convinced that there really is truth to the Essential Oil craze.

Should you go off your medicine and only use EO’s? No. And if you are on medication and want to use EO’s, I suggest checking with your doctor beforehand.

If you’ve tried Essential Oils, please share your experiences!

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