Goals – August 2017


Any time I do these monthly posts it doesn’t take long to remind me that a month goes my so fast! Right now I’m okay with it because I’m already looking for fall, but I know that before we all can blink it will be Christmas…which I suppose I’m okay with that too. 😉

Looking back to July: how did I do? I definitely became more aware of how I perceived other posts on social media. I made a conscious effort to be positive, and in doing so I found that it was much more enjoyable to browse. As for consistency in blogging, I came up with a [flexible] blog schedule and tried to outline a few ideas. I feel more put together…even if I don’t stick to it each and every week.

So what am I aiming to do this month?

  1. Get up earlier during the week. I feel so rushed on work day mornings. I have always wanted to be a person that got up, had a cup of coffee, leisurely get ready. That hasn’t been my life.
  2. Try a couple new recipes. Dinners turn into such a rut. I have so many recipes saved that I never try!
  3. Read more, watch less. Try keeping the Netflix turned off a little more and enjoy a book.

Three goals. I can do this.

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