Design Files: Living Room Inspiration

I was trying to remember the last time we had an overhaul in our living room decor, and other than a couple small pillow swaps I think it’s been a good 3 years, and that was just a new rug! Times are a’ changing though. We’re slowing getting new furniture, and I’ve been scouring Pinterest and Houzz for inspiration.

Right now my goal is to lighten and brighten the room. We have stained wood trim, floors, and quite a bit of stained wood on our ceiling in the main living area. I like the stained look, but I’m trying to find a balance with lighter furniture. Here are some of my inspirations!


I really love how the blues in all of these designs balance out the red/orange tones of the wood (blue and orange = complimentary colors!), so I’m trying to incorporate some of that while still using a few accents of other brights to bring it all together.

Once our living room is complete (still waiting on a couple pieces) I’ll do a post to share the updated look with before/after. It’s pretty amazing how just a couple pieces already make a difference!

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