Christmas Home Tour 2017

Here we are, a week until Christmas! Where did this month go?!?

If you follow me on Instagram you’ve seen the decoration overload…



I’m pretty sure that every year I think “this is my favorite tree yet”. This year is no different. The last couple years I tried to focus on getting good foundations then adding a little each year – new color or new greenery.

This year I kept most of the decor neutral with red and a little touch of navy. It’s the classic combination that I always use, but a few subtle changes are refreshing!



Funny story about our living room tree…I bought the navy plaid ribbon in November at a store out of town, and wasn’t planning to use it on the tree (wreaths maybe). Last minute decision (and some Pinterest browsing) had me changing my mind.

I had just two more “swags” to add in and ran out of ribbon. No big deal! I’ll run out to our local store. Come to find out, our store didn’t stock this ribbon, but there was one more spool online! I placed the order from the store’s parking lot.

Just kidding…they sold out before it shipped. I decided to go back to the out of town store again to hunt this down.

Get there and see NO NAVY PLAID RIBBON in sight. I looked up, down, under, across. Nothing. I had to walk away because frustration was starting to take over, and I contemplated buying a completely different ribbon to redo it all. That’s a crazy idea. Don’t do that!

One last effort, I circled back around, and there it was. The very last spool of navy plaid ribbon stuck behind a bin on the bottom row. I might have jumped for joy (it’s kind of a blur), and tried to share the excitement with another shopper. She wasn’t too amused.

It was a Christmas miracle.


After saying I was only going to do one tree, I ended up with three. All of them are decorated too, which I definitely said I wasn’t doing. Multiple times. Oops.




We got a new 9′ tree for the living room, which meant that we could cut down our old one to make a cute mini tree; perfect size for our sunroom and collectable ornaments.




I hope you enjoyed a look into our home this Christmas, and the story of the ribbon that almost didn’t happen. It was meant to be. I can’t get rid of this ribbon…ever.

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