Adding Winter Touches at Home

As the holidays come and go, it feels empty when the house is “undecorated”. I wrestle with whether to take down decorations and start the new year with a clean slate, or to keep some around and transition slowly so it feels cozy in the winter months.

This year I opted to keep decorations scattered (which has been my decision the last few years), but changed the color scheme to something more appropriate than red and green.


You’ll notice that my tree is still standing. Yep! The glow of the lights is hard to beat on a cold winter night. I just can’t bring myself to put it away yet. It makes the living room look like an evergreen forest…

…If a “forest” were to consist of a single tree.

In reality, all the pillows tend to end up in the floor (which is totally fine), but I think having different textures adds a little warmth. I kept the snowflake pillows from Christmas (snowflakes/winter…it works, right?) and brought back the turquoise from my typical color scheme. That will also make it easier to transition to normalcy. It’s all about baby steps!






Centerpieces are a great way to quickly add color or visual interest. This bird house will definitely be a focal point throughout the spring and summer with changes to the greenery.



With a few minor tweaks to the type of greens used, I think several of these decorations will last through winter. Some could even transition into spring! Okay, maybe not the garland and trees.

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