Two Christmas Tablescape Ideas

We have two places to eat in our home (three if you count the barstools…four if you count the couch). A “formal” dining room that doesn’t get used, and a casual kitchen dining area that we use for our every day sit-down meals.

It has good views of the TV.

The formal dining room is where I usually decorate because I know it can have all the frills without getting moved around (or stained).



The dining room tree stayed bare this year. I added individual pine picks, but decided to leave it more natural. I actually like it this way. It’s simple, but the extra pine gives it a woodland vibe.



I found ceramic house votive holders at Target, and decided to use them as part of the tablescape. The white feels a little more contemporary while the cedar branch placemats and plaid napkins bring in a traditional element.




Our barstools and “casual” dining area are seen from the main living room, so the theme here is more of the same: red, plaid, and blue.



This centerpiece is easier to move around, and is much more functional! Simple greenery and red berries in a dough bowl. Done!

Side note: I’m thinking that my next paint project will be the kitchen dining table… Yes? No? Yes…


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