Making a Pumpkin Topiary

Looking for an easy fall DIY for your front porch? I was too…

I had this great idea to cut branches from the trees in our backyard when they started turning, but we had a pretty dry/hot summer and start to fall, so everything is still green…or just brown. I moved on to another idea: a pumpkin topiary.

It was a little challenging finding pumpkins (since it’s October and that basically means it’s Christmas), but I found a small shelf of left over decorative pumpkins at our local Michael’s (60% off!!!) and grabbed the last few “matching” ones.

Keep reading for step by step pictures, or scroll to the bottom of the post for a video!

Remove the stem from both the bottom and middle pumpkin.
Push a wood dowel rod through both pumpkins.
Push the top pumpkin onto the dowel rod.
Place the greenery between the pumpkins.
I used (12) sprigs between the bottom and middle pumpkin, and used (8) sprigs between the middle and top pumpkin.
Attach the greenery using hot glue.
If your greenery has wire, you can stick the wires into the foam pumpkins. I used (3) of these “seeds” per layer for a filler where there were gaps.
Repeat with the middle pumpkin.
Attach the top pumpkin using hot glue.
If the pumpkins don’t stay on the dowel rod, secure them with hot glue.

I placed the pumpkin topiaries in planters by our front door – to keep them in place I stuck the wood dowel through an empty cardboard box (inside the planter). I covered the box with burlap and added some more greenery/garland around the base of the topiary to finish.

The hardest part was waiting for the hot glue to cool/dry! Watch the video below for a step by step in super speed.

You can shop similar items to make your own (and premade topiaries) through these affiliate links:

Amazon Storefront:

Pumpkins from Michael’s | Eucalyptus garland/greenery from Afloral

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