Master Bathroom Renovation

I’ll admit that in the middle of this renovation I had thoughts similar to “this isn’t worth it” or “I wish we hadn’t started this” but once the project was completed, those thoughts went out the window. It was totally worth it.

Our master bathroom was original, as they say, to the house from when my husband built over 15 years ago. It had a tile floor, a fiberglass shower, and one sink. It served us as well as a bathroom can, but with both of us on similar work schedules the single sink was…at the risk of sounding ungrateful…an inconvenience. We had big dreams of renovating, and after 10 years we decided it was time.

These before photos were taken right after my husband started taking the shower apart, so things are a bit scattered!

We kept the layout the same; the biggest change (other than color updates) was adding a tiled shower and changing the single sink to a double vanity with a storage tower.

The fiberglass shower was removed, and we rebuilt the shower walls to create a more enclosed shower so we could do away with the glass door. Since we were somewhat locked into a footprint (we weren’t doing anything with our tub or toilet area), we chose a rain head shower so the water would spray down vs. out – we get a little overspray on the shower curb and very little overspray on the floor, but nothing that a simple bath mat can’t fix!

A 12×24 fabric look tile was used throughout, with a matching mosaic on the shower floor and tub deck. A 3×12 glossy subway tile was used for the tub surround and backsplash at the sinks.

Because of the storage tower and backsplash, I opted for pivot mirrors…but I had to get different vanity lights than I originally planned. I didn’t measure correctly the first time around! DESIGN TIP: make sure that if you use pivot mirrors you pay attention to how far they stick out from the wall so you can get vanity lights that come out beyond them.

The wood paneling around the tub stayed the same, we just painted it to match our cabinets. It now has more of a “cottage” look.

We’re so happy with it! The taupe colors cool down the wood tones that we kept on our trim (which matches the rest of the house), but I added in a vintage runner and artwork with reds to help balance it all out.

Here is a vision/concept board I put together before we started, and edited as we went to make sure I was still keeping with my original ideas.

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