Rug Sources for Any Budget

Finding an area rug starts to feel overwhelming with all of the options. I know that I’ve spent too many hours than I can count looking online for the “perfect” one. Today I’m sharing my top five favorite sources.

1. eCarpet Gallery – This is where I found our master bathroom runner and entry rug, and the coloring online is very true (which can be a concern when purchasing online). Pricing is also pretty good for a handmade rug, and every time I look they’re offering discounts. They ship to both Canada and US, and some items are only available in one or the other so just pay attention to that.

2. Etsy – There are SO many options for handmade or vintage rugs on Etsy. The only vendor I’ve purchased from is FYSdistributor and I had a great experience. They ship from Canada, and even going through customs the rug arrived quickly. Coloring was true, and the rug arrived exactly as described.

3. Boutique Rugs – Great for multiple sizes and colors. This is where our living room rug was purchased, and it was a great price for a larger rug. Shipping was fast, and they sometimes offer discounts as well!

4. Overstock – Good source, but it’s been a little hit and miss for me. I’ve had some really good ones…like our old dining room rug (now moved to the guest room), and our current master bedroom rug. I’ve also ordered a couple that I sent back because coloring wasn’t what I expected. Regardless, a great website to try!

5. Wayfair – I’ve purchased several items here, and have had good luck with them. Customer service has always been good if I needed to return anything! I found our blue area rug (in the sunroom currently) here and quality was exactly what I expected. This is another great source for multiple sizes and colors.

BONUS – there are some great accounts on Instagram that have beautiful vintage rug choices. Try searching @belleberryhome (she even does custom designs), @krazyforrugs, @thesouthernloom, @ambitioushome, and @newenglandloom.

Hope this helps in your search! Below are some rugs that I like, and some are the exact rugs we have in our home!

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