DIY Throw Blanket

Sources: Block Print Pillow / Blue Pillow / Blue Check Pillow / Blanket Ladder
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This project started because I found an accent chair from Arhaus in a blue check fabric that I loved, but it would be a pretty bold commitment for our living room. I ordered fabric swatches anyway, just in case. When the swatches came I realized that the blue check looked very similar to the blue stripe curtains (Rabun Blue from Ballard Designs) in our breakfast nook…

This started a search online for the manufacturer of the fabric. That’s when I came across a blog post by Miss Mustard Seed. She had reupholstered furniture in the same fabric as her sofa…also from Arhaus where I found the accent chair…BOOM!

Another little online search led me to House of Fabric and I was soon the proud owner of 2 yards of P. Kaufmann Check Please Lakeland! Oh, and 1 yard of the coordinating solid: Speedy Lakeland (another project for another day).

And yes, they are both part of the same color family as the striped curtains, Swift Lakeland. It makes me happy when things come together!

I think there are more patterns in that color family but I’m not allowing myself to go there…

My goal was to make a throw blanket with the 2 yards of fabric. Just enough color and pattern, but not as big of a commitment as an entire chair!

  1. I lucked out, and the edges were already stitched to keep them from fraying. Had they not been stitched, I would have hemmed the two vertical edges (the length of the 2 yards).
  2. I started with one end, and frayed the fabric as a test.
  3. Using small scissors, I slowly pulled/cut out horizontal rows of thread to leave about 2 inches of fringe.
  4. Right around 2-2.5 inches was a good length to tie small knots in the fringe.
  1. Once I knew the length I needed for the fringe, I cut the fabric in smaller strips (about 3/8″ to 1/2″) and kept pulling out the horizontal threads. This was so much faster than trying to pull out long sections of thread.
  2. Groups of thread in 3/8″ sections worked best for tying the knots.
  3. Just twist the threads together, and tie in a knot. Pull the knot as close to the base of the fabric as possible to keep any threads from loosening over time.
  4. It took several hours of knotting, but once I found a rhythm it wasn’t too bad.

I’m so happy with the end result (and Bailee immediately took to it). It was such an easy DIY, other than the time and patience it took to tie the knots.

If you want to add a bold pattern or color to your home, but you’re afraid to jump in with a big purchase, try making something or adding a throw pillow that you can easily change!

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