Chalk Painted Old World Vase

I originally bought this floor vase for $29.99 at Kirklands (the sticker is still on it), many years ago, and it’s been in several rooms in the house since! It found a home in our master bedroom, and while I liked the color I decided it was time for a change! The only problem is that the “aged” or “old world” style vases I was finding were WAY more than what I was willing to spend. Bring out the chalk paint!

My trusty Amy Howard One Step Paint in color Linen to the rescue!

  1. Use a good cleaner on the surface of the vase, or rubbing alcohol.
  2. Apply a light coat of chalk paint with a chip brush, and don’t worry about the direction.
  3. Using the same chip brush, apply another coat of paint in a stippling motion all over the vase. This adds a different texture, and makes it feel more like a clay pot (and hides the brush strokes).
  4. Take a dark furniture wax, and apply with a small chip brush. This is where you can get creative! Make it as smudgy or dirty as you want. Or only apply in certain areas. I chose to apply everywhere, but concentrated on a few places to get more contrast.
  5. This is optional, but I took my chalk paint and chip brush back over a couple areas (over the wax) using the same stippling motion as before. This helped blend the wax, but it also added just a little more depth.

UPDATE: I added more dark wax to the bottom half of the vase. Using a small chip brush I applied the dark wax in layers starting at the very bottom and blended up. I kept adding until it had the variation I wanted.

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