Painting Nightstands the Easy Way

I like to do things the right way, but if that can also be easy it’s even better! I have painted these nightstands before (in 2015 I think) which made this a simple process, but the technique can still be used for a first time paint project. It might take a couple additional coats of paint if it’s a wood piece.

The first step is always the prep work. I removed all of the drawer hardware from the nightstands and dusted.

The Klean Strip sander/deglosser product makes prep fast and mess free! I have used this for several paint projects, and it works every time. It cuts down on any shine or dirt/oil that might be on the piece, and it creates a smooth finish for painting. I just use a microfiber cloth and wipe it all over paying special attention to any detail, trim, and reveals.

I used a Sherwin Williams paint, and since I only had two nightstands to do I got their sample size available in their satin finish (which they tell me is the same as eggshell in the “Captivate” paint, and based on walls in our house it seems to be more of an eggshell finish).

There are paints made specifically for furniture or trim. I haven’t used those in the past…if I had a bigger furniture piece I might. For our bedroom furniture, I initially painted thinking it would be temporary until we found something else we liked better. That hasn’t happened, but the painted pieces are still going strong and the paint still looks good. That’s just my experience!

The ONLY area with an issue on the old paint was the top of one nightstand. There were a couple small scratches in the paint. Going over it with a clear polycrylic would prevent that from happening.

To cut in around the reveals and side panels, I used a small foam brush. It cuts down on brush strokes, and I find that for projects like this it mimics the roller texture best.

I painted both sides of the nightstands first. Since they had been painted before, and the new color isn’t drastically lighter or darker, it only needed one coat of paint! That’s why I said earlier that this was simple thanks to the painted surface. Had these been original wood finish, it would probably take two coats.

After the sides were done, I rotated the nightstands to work on the front and top. Once again, I just cut in with the foam brush and followed with the roller. Using a small roller is key for a small piece like this.

You can see in the photo above that I am rolling the face of the nightstands with the drawers pushed in. I used just enough paint on the roller to evenly cover, but not so much that it was dripping or puddling around the drawers. This took one coat.

After the entire face was painted, I used a small screwdriver and eased the drawers out. I carefully put the screwdriver where the hardware attaches. With the drawers out, I used the roller to paint around the edges of the drawers.

The only area that I did two coats of paint was on the top for a little extra durability.

I let the nightstands dry for about 4 hours before reattaching the hardware. Then I let them sit with the drawers pulled out over night to fully cure.


It isn’t a HUGE change in color, but I was going for more of a blue/grey the first time around, and they turned out a little more green than I had hoped. This time I went for a true light blue with a hint of grey. I used Sherwin Williams Krypton (SW 6247).

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