Upholstering a Bench for Beginners

I was nervous to upholster a seat the first time around, but it is one of the easiest ways to change a piece of furniture! You just wrap the fabric and staple it. The trickiest part is to not pull the fabric too tightly, and to get the corners neatly wrapped.

The seat of the bench attaches with screws, so it was easy to remove.

I rolled out the new fabric, and set the bench seat upside down to line it up with the pattern. Using a stapler, I started wrapping the fabric over and stapling it.

To wrap the corners, I cut away some of the excess fabric and fold it over; kind of like wrapping a present.

To finish the project, I repositioned the seat and screwed it back onto the bench. It took about 30 minutes to complete the project!

We have a lot of blue accents in our home, so adding the green brings another element to our decor. It is a classic color and simple pattern that fits this bench perfectly…until I decide to change it again. Hahaha!

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