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  • Painting Nightstands the Easy Way

    Painting Nightstands the Easy Way

    I like to do things the right way, but if that can also be easy it’s even better! I have painted these nightstands before (in 2015 I think) which made this a simple process, but the technique can still be used for a first time paint project. It might take a couple additional coats of……

  • New Chandelier on a Budget

    New Chandelier on a Budget

    I’ve been trying to shift our dining room from an “old world” style to more of a classic style. The chandelier we have is not very old, and I like the size and general look of it. Not ready to get a completely new fixture! I started looking closely at features of other chandeliers that……

  • Light Fixture Upgrade with Rub’n Buff

    Light Fixture Upgrade with Rub’n Buff

    If you haven’t heard of Rub’n Buff, it’s a great little tool to keep in your DIY kit. I have used it to transform little metal pots, a lamp finial, picture frames, and now our kitchen light fixture! The process is easy – you just need a rag and a small brush. I used a……

  • Table Refinishing and Distressing

    Table Refinishing and Distressing

    I have always liked this table. It has good legs, and a classic antique style without being too ornate. When the opportunity presented itself, I knew I wanted to refinish it and use it in our breakfast nook/kitchen. This table could originally expand to about 10 feet! We looked at it to see if it……

  • DIY Wooden Planters

    DIY Wooden Planters

    This might be my favorite DIY to date! I have looked at several versions of these planters online, all really pricey, and I wanted 4 of them. Yeah. Not gonna happen. I remembered some old plastic containers that we had been hoarding *ahem* storing for several years (they were our old tomato containers pre-garden). They……

  • Terracotta Vase Makeover

    Terracotta Vase Makeover

    Hi. It’s me again. Here with another vase makeover. Will it ever end? Probably not… I bought two of these handmade terracotta vases at TJ Maxx, one was $9.99 and the other was $12.99. A great price compared to similar options out there! I liked the rustic/worn look, and the color was good, but I……


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