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  • Painting Ceramic Vases

    Painting Ceramic Vases

    I honestly don’t know how long these vases have been part of our home decor. They have been used in our bathroom, living room, on shelving, on the mantel, as coffee table decor… I bought them as a set from Kirklands, and they’ve had a good life. It’s time. It’s time for a change. I……

  • What to Do With Lavender

    What to Do With Lavender

    Lavender has been known to have calming properties. It can help with anxiety, sleep, and aid with various skin conditions. It can also relieve headaches! Dr. Axe has a great resource for a list of uses! I have added lavender essential oil to my face serum for years, and I love adding a few drops……

  • Replacing Fabric on a Lampshade

    Replacing Fabric on a Lampshade

    Sometimes the lampshade that comes with a lamp doesn’t cut it. The new lamp in our dining room was exactly what I was looking for (well, “exactly” what I was looking for was a lamp that cost way more than I could imagine spending, but this was a close 2nd); however, the shade wasn’t the……

  • Leather Slipcover for Ikea Sofa

    Leather Slipcover for Ikea Sofa

    When we first finished our sunroom (it was a screened-in porch that we turned into a sunroom), we purchased the Ikea Kivik sofa in a light grey color. The sofa itself held up great, and is really comfortable. Maggie, our yellow lab, chewed part of the chaise section when she was a puppy. We got……

  • Painting Vanity Cabinets

    Painting Vanity Cabinets

    The first time that we painted bathroom vanity cabinets (in our half bath), I didn’t document it…oops. So this time I made sure to take photos throughout the process in our guest bath! Tools Needed: Klean Strip liquid sander/deglosser. A good quality paint. We used a paint/primer in one from Behr, and had it mixed……

  • Updating a Curio Cabinet

    Updating a Curio Cabinet

    I have updated this curio cabinet once before, but the peel and stick paper I used wasn’t sticky enough, and started to release from the cabinet. I also wanted to change it to a darker background so the items I had on display would show up better! This time I removed the wood back, and……


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