I Have Spring Fever…

This past weekend was glorious. It was warm (by warm I mean mid-60’s, which is warm compared to the arctic temperatures we’ve had recently), the sun was shining, and that meant I was required to be outside a little bit. It was the perfect opportunity to clean out some of the dead winter foliage from my perennials and do some pre-spring fertilizing in my containers.

See that? That’s some new green peaking through!

Loosening up some of the settled dirt in my perennial containers and adding fertilizer. They were saying “feed me!”
This little daylily was so excited for the sunshine it just had to come out to see it.


I’ll admit that I was really close to going flower shopping, but I decided it was just a little bit early. Spring is one of my favorite times of year – it’s a new start that is always so refreshing. People generally seem to be in a better mood too…which just makes the world a better place! I hope everyone had a good weekend (hopefully you had some good spring weather too), and happy Monday!

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