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  • Neutral Fall Decor

    Neutral Fall Decor

    I usually like to add color for fall, but this year I was more interested in subtle color and neutrals. I used more green, dusty rose, burgundy, and a mix of white and taupe. It feels fresh, but still looks like fall. I hope this inspires you to try something different! Using dried florals is……

  • Kitchen Renovation with Painted Cabinets and Beadboard

    Kitchen Renovation with Painted Cabinets and Beadboard

    This project has been on my mind for, oh I don’t know, 8 years or so. I honestly don’t know how long I’ve been thinking about it, but it feels like a while! We reconfigured our island cabinets a long time ago, and we changed the laminate counter (hunter green to be exact) to the……

  • Painting Weathered Wicker Furniture

    Painting Weathered Wicker Furniture

    This wicker furniture has several layers of paint, and it was starting to flake in areas. I tried repainting the furniture last year, but it wasn’t sticking very well. This year I decided to do a complete update! First I used a pressure washer and went over all of the wicker a couple times. TIP:……

  • Mantel Styling with Layers

    Mantel Styling with Layers

    When I find a style that I like, I sometimes stick to it for a while. In the fall of 2020 I decided to decorate the mantel with layered frames and a few small accessories. Spring of 2021…still doing it! You can see from these photos that with subtle (and easy) changes this style has……

  • Upholstering a Bench for Beginners

    Upholstering a Bench for Beginners

    I was nervous to upholster a seat the first time around, but it is one of the easiest ways to change a piece of furniture! You just wrap the fabric and staple it. The trickiest part is to not pull the fabric too tightly, and to get the corners neatly wrapped. The seat of the……

  • Stair Project: Carpet to Hardwood

    Stair Project: Carpet to Hardwood

    This project has been on our (my) list for a while, and I am SO EXCITED to have it completed. We made the decision to remove the carpet on our stairs, and went back with a retro-fit wood tread and painted risers. That was one of the decisions I made early on. I didn’t want……


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