Christmas Home Tour 2016

Welcome back, Christmas! The most wonderful time of the year is here, and this year’s decorations are probably my favorite yet. Similar to last year, I decided to keep a very traditional theme with red and green, but did all red ornaments on the tree and tried to add a few more touches of red around the house.

Can the world collectively decide to have the whole month of December off from work and enjoy the season, please? I just want to sit in the living room bundled in a blanket with Hallmark movies all day every day.


I told myself this year (as I do every year) that I wasn’t going to pull out every single decoration I own, and I would scale it back a little <– Hahahahahahahahahahaha!!!!!!!! Of course, every few days, I go pull something else out of the Christmas Closet. #CantStopWontStop
On a side note, have you seen the blogger Holiday Housewalk this year? So much inspiration!!! Here are a few of my favorites…
My sweet friend gave me this little doggie ornament, and it’s the perfect plaid for Miss Bailee’s stocking.
The tree is usually tucked away in the corner of the living room, but this year I totally rearranged the furniture so it could be right in the middle of the house. I love that you can see it from every room. The only problem is that I had to get more ornaments. Minor details. 🙂
Bailee likes the new furniture arrangement too…she’s been lounging in these chairs nonstop!
In the entry, I added my Skiing Santa and a red berry wreath to the console table.
The garland on our staircase has been more neutral colors in previous years, but this year I added extra greenery, red berries, and red ribbon.
Hope you enjoyed! For more ideas, take a look at my previous Christmas posts: 2015 / 2014
Have a very Merry Christmas season!

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