What to Do With Lavender

Lavender has been known to have calming properties. It can help with anxiety, sleep, and aid with various skin conditions. It can also relieve headaches! Dr. Axe has a great resource for a list of uses! I have added lavender essential oil to my face serum for years, and I love adding a few drops to my room spray or bug spray. This spring I decided to try a couple plants in containers, and wanted to dry it for homemade recipes.

After a few searches to find ideas that I could easily do, I decided to start with a linen spray and sachets.

I cut my lavender stems and hung them upside down to dry. It took about a week to fully dry out.

Since I had a small bundle of lavender, I ran the dried buds through my fingers to remove them. If they don’t come off easily, they need to dry out a little longer.

Other methods for removing them from the stems: a) roll larger bundles between your hands, b) shake the lavender into a large bowl, or c) put the stems in a pillowcase and work the buds off of the stems by rolling them gently.

To make my linen spray, I followed the recipe from Town & Country Living. I used a 16 oz. glass spray bottle, which took a little more water than the recipe. I also added 10 drops of lemon essential oil and an extra 10 drops of lavender essential oil.

I boiled the water and let the dried lavender buds steep for about 5 minutes per the recipe.

I didn’t have a funnel handy, so I used a coffee filter tucked inside the spray bottle. It was a slower process, but it still worked!

This linen spray smells amazing, and I’ve been enjoying it on our pillows before going to sleep or to freshen the air in the house.

With the left over dried lavender, I made a sachet. Since I wasn’t at all prepared for this little project, I didn’t have the right kind of bag. Enter: a used dryer sheet (the kind I have is unscented). I had just finished the laundry, so it was perfect! You could probably do this with an unused dryer sheet, but they usually feel a little waxy.

Since I was already doing this in the most rudimentary way possible, I just stapled it together.

Fold the dryer sheet in half, then fold over both sides (I folded twice about 1/4”) and staple.

Fill the makeshift bag with the dried lavender, and fold over the top. You guessed it…staple shut.

I don’t think it could get easier than that! Next time I might buy some pretty little sachet bags…or not. This seems to work just fine!

For more “professional” ideas using dried lavender, I enjoyed reading this article from Country Living.

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