Light Fixture Upgrade with Rub’n Buff

If you haven’t heard of Rub’n Buff, it’s a great little tool to keep in your DIY kit. I have used it to transform little metal pots, a lamp finial, picture frames, and now our kitchen light fixture! The process is easy – you just need a rag and a small brush. I used a round/flat stencil craft brush.

I think it works best when there is a dark background. It gives it the most realistic, antique look. I used the color European Gold, and the only place I could find that particular color was on Amazon (linked here). They also offer a 5 color assortment pack with several gold colors.

Squeeze out a small amount of the Rub’n Buff product onto your rag, then dip the brush in the wax and wipe off excess. Start stippling it on, and keep working with it until you’re happy with the amount of coverage.


I had an extra lamp finial that fit the bottom of this chandelier, so I decided to add the same finish to it. I saved the original in case I decide I want to go back, but I think I like this!

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2 thoughts on “Light Fixture Upgrade with Rub’n Buff”

  1. Question: how difficult was it to swag your light fixture? My husband is working on swagging our chandelier and is concerned about securing the hook in the ceiling to hold the weight of the fixture. Thanks!


    1. This light fixture is pretty lightweight so we didn’t have to worry too much about it, and we used a toggle bolt (that opens/expands on the “top” of the drywall to hold) similar to this:

      The hooks/toggle bolts should have a weight limit noted so you can check that.

      BUT you might want to find a ceiling joist to secure the hook to if your chandelier is heavy.


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