Painting Vanity Cabinets

The first time that we painted bathroom vanity cabinets (in our half bath), I didn’t document it…oops. So this time I made sure to take photos throughout the process in our guest bath!

Tools Needed:

  1. Klean Strip liquid sander/deglosser.
  2. A good quality paint. We used a paint/primer in one from Behr, and had it mixed at our local Home Depot to match Sherwin Williams Accessible Beige in a satin finish.
  3. Minwax Polycrylic in clear satin. If you want a matte finish, use a matte paint and matte poly coating.
  4. Paint supplies: foam roller, brush, and painter’s tape.

I started by taping off the perimeter of the cabinet – all around the edge of the walls and the floor. The first time we did this, we took the drawers out and removed the cabinet doors from the hinges. That was definitely the cleanest way to do the project, but it also took a while.

For this project I kept everything in place, and just worked around the hinges. You can do it either way!

Using a rag I wiped the liquid sander/deglosser all over any surface that I was going to paint. I used a paint brush to cut in around the edges, and followed with the small foam roller. This took two coats of the paint. I allowed the paint to dry overnight, and followed with the clear polycrylic.

I decided to use a brush to apply the poly because it tends to be a thicker coat than using a foam roller. I only did one coat of the poly and let it dry for about 3 hours.

Our cabinets didn’t have any hardware, so I wanted to add drawer pulls and cabinet knobs! We actually had some passed down from another project. Always love some free materials!

These knobs came with two different screws. I double checked the screws to make sure that I was using the correct ones for the depth of the drawers and doors. You will need to match up a drill bit to the size of screw you’re planning to use.

Measure the cabinets to mark where you want the cabinet hardware. Drill through the cabinet, and attach your hardware.

I’ve painted several things now, and it always amazes me! I’ve thought about redoing the floor in this guest bath, but even just changing the color of the cabinets and adding hardware totally transforms the space!

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