Leather Slipcover for Ikea Sofa

When we first finished our sunroom (it was a screened-in porch that we turned into a sunroom), we purchased the Ikea Kivik sofa in a light grey color. The sofa itself held up great, and is really comfortable. Maggie, our yellow lab, chewed part of the chaise section when she was a puppy. We got rid of that and reconfigured the sofa to be a loveseat. That’s one of the great things about Ikea sofas!

Over the years, the fabric that originally came on the sofa started to wear out, and I wanted something that would be more durable (especially with the dogs). I found Comfort Works through some online searching, and after a year of going back and forth on what we wanted to do, we decided to get a leather slipcover from CW in the Urbanskin Kramfors (vegan leather).

They have SO MANY options to choose from, and they make slipcovers for several different pieces of furniture. Plus you can order fabric samples!

Here’s a before shot of the loveseat.

Inside the box was a nice protective bag PLUS a cover surrounding the leather. They also included a nice thank you note. 🙂 This slipcover was made with velcro to attach to the frame of the sofa (just like the original). Each piece had a tag sewn in telling you where it went. I was really pleased with the quality of the leather and craftsmanship.

I put the covers over the cushions first, and did a test fit for the frame of the sofa.

Because of how the Kivik sofa is made, each arm has a slipcover and the seat/back has a slipcover. I had to remove both arms in order to remove the original cover and attach the new slipcover.

There were a couple pieces that didn’t fit quite right. The inside flap on the arm pieces were a little long and missed the velcro. Since that part is hidden anyway it wasn’t that big of a deal. I ended up stretching the leather over the arm rests and used a staple gun to secure it to the frame.

The seat cushions were about 2-1/2″ inches too big. Luckily we still had foam left over from the chaise piece of this sofa, so I cut a 3″ strip of foam and stuffed it into the back end of the cushion cover (they aren’t perfectly square). That seemed to fix the problem, but a little frustrating that they didn’t fit better from the factory.

I keep reminding myself that it’s a slipcover, not a form-fitted leather sofa, but you can see the difference in the factory fit and the fit after I stretched the leather around the frame and added foam to the seat cushions. I’m really happy with the result. It is going to be so much better than the original fabric for the dog hair situation.

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